Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thomas Paul Murphy for President of the United States 04 28 2011

Thomas Paul Murphy for President of the United States 04 28 2011

What you get with me as President of the United States.
1.      Stock options and futures contracts would be outlawed. (more on futures in post script) These have done nothing to help the American people with the cost of energy.  Instead of Americans caring about the price of oil, commodities are used as an investment vehicle for the rich. This is a shell game and we know the players.  There will be no stock options used to incentivize management.  Stock incentive contracts can be granted and signed whereby stock consideration is given for actual performance achieved.  This will be called stock compensation based on performance contracts.
2.      Nutrition- half the stuff on your grocery store shelves would be outlawed.
3.      Short selling of common stock outlawed.
4.      Americans would only be allowed to have two drinks of alcohol a day.  It would be a crime to drink more something to be labeled, “Contributing to and lessoning the standard of the United States, an act of Treason.”
5.      No commercial tobacco sales allowed to be made in the United States.
6.      All our lakes, rivers and oceans would be dredged clean and fleets would be formed to filter every body of water on earth of heavy metals and poison.
7.      Clean  Energy would be mandated immediately, no if’s and’s or but’s.
8.      If you ever complained to law enforcement and were ignored those you complained to or about will lose their jobs.
9.      Cable Television would be outlawed; this would fall under the “Detrimental to the health of Americans Law.”
10.  Video games would be outlawed to because they are “Detrimental to the health of Americans.
11.  Exercise has so much in common with Exorcism in terms of driving demons from oneself that they could almost be considered the same thing.  Those found self guilty of bad actions or mean thoughts would be ordered to self exorcise by the means of exercise.  Those accused, accusations to be accompanied with explanations of accusations, are ordered to exercise and work up a sweat.  You will thank me for this.
12.  Religion will no longer be tax exempt, how can we give tax exempt status to something that has betrayed the public trust in such an egregious manner.  “Betrayal of Public Trust” will be a serious crime.
13.  Billionaires will be taxed on sitting Capital.  This will be deemed something they took from us and did not give back.  It can be thought of that our resources were depleted as they became rich and therefore all pollution cleanup actions will be paid for them directly by this tax.
14.  Foreign Policy- If you have a complaint with the United States I will meet with you personally.  If I deem it our fault we will cease and desist.
15.  Everyone in the world will have readily and nearby access to clean water where they live.  I will train 1000 emissaries from the United States who will oversee this effort and everyone in the world will have clean water within a year.  Oil Companies found guilty of treason by the weight of evidence in plain sight to everyone, you will be ordered to drill water wells and cap them everywhere on the planet within one year or face a 100 percent profit tax retroactive to a time a determine.
16.  Exorbitant pay law.  United States Citizens have a right to complain about your behavior and business ethics.  If any complaints are received you will face and exorbitant pay law and be taxed one hundred percent on all income over one million dollars.
17.  Flat tax.  Our current tax code does not function.  It is like an old model T that has odd parts added to it to keep it going.  All it really serves to do is create jobs to keep those who would otherwise be idle minded thinking at work.  Every loop hole benefit in the tax system that was created by the government to benefit those needing a loophole can be addressed by some other function of government.  That is really addressing the problems that need loopholes in the first place.  Rather than deferring them.
18.  If you sent Ames, the man guilty of raping and murdering nine women in Milwaukee, back to Africa they would kill him as soon as he stepped on shore.  Who am I to say what they should do?
19.  If we deported all of our sick gay child molesting priests to Iran they would be executed upon entry to the country.  Who am I to say it was wrong?  Background, if our CIA used Mubarak in Egypt to torture the other side in the war on oil how can I argue it is wrong that these child molesting priests who sought to live in Iran were killed upon entry?  I will give them a round trip ticket to Iran.  It they find they get a good night’s rest there and don’t come back, I’ll just assume for the better like we are to do regarding our CIA’s activities.
20.  All Doctors would be required to take a humanities oath- that means caps on pay.  You didn’t speak up enough about the health of Americans but were in a position to do so.  So your pay will be limited.
21.  Patent Law- because patent law has become abused and the small inventor cannot get his elbows in to get a patent there will be no more patent law.  I already know that this system has been corrupted whereby corporations pay to have ideas stolen from the small inventor.  This is corruption and legalized thievery.  It is corruption so there will be no more patent law.  Anyone can make something and competition will be based on quality of workmanship and price.  And there will be a national accreditation registry was you can claim to be the first one to have the idea.  You can also tell how you thought of it.  But you will not get any money for it- initially.  Those making the products of patents might have to pay some profit to the national accreditation registry and then some could be allocated to those who thought of stuff first.
22.  You already know how much I hate drugs, drug users and pushers.
23.  Gambling operations in the United States one hundred percent tax.  Bets limited to $1000, transparent operating government computer program to be bookie for all gambling.  Private bookies to leave the country.  And it will be okay to play poker with your buddies for at the max a day’s pay like most people like to.
24.  I would not leave until my job is done. Which means you would have to work with me quickly.
25.  My political party will be called the Humanity Party. And I will not spend one penny of my money to campaign.  I campaign based only on sound principals and you know what they are already.  There are no surprises with me- if you have an unfair advantage it will be eliminated.
26.  Overweight Americans will be ordered to either exercise or leave the country.
27.  Sale of pizza to be outlawed, except I can buy one on days when I have worked to the point of exhaustive death and need the calories.  And then and only then can it be sold.  And the rule will be that it must have more vegetables than cheese.  That sounds good, the more vegetables than cheese rule, (and some fiber too).  If you do not conform to my law I will not take away your restaurant or food cart.  I will have to think of something else- I will take away your cheese!
28.  My nutrition law.  If it hurts the nerve of my cupped crown tooth to eat it, it will not be allowed.  If I feel sick after eating it, it will not be allowed.  The list of banned items will include,
a.       High sugar foods, (Including one pound bags of sugar.)
b.      High yeast foods.
c.       High preservative foods
d.      High Nitrate/Nitrate foods.
e.       Chemicals disguised as foods.
f.       All will be tested for milk allergies
g.      High salt foods
h.      Smoked foods
i.        Deli counter items deemed germy by me
j.        Mayonnaise- except when need to be kept up all night with burning intestines and resultant weight loss this will not be allowed.
k.      Monosodium Glutamate.
Vote for me and you will get all this!    I got more stuff too.  I was on a roll when I wrote this so it might not be all inclusive.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy
Post script I
Futures contracts will be outlawed.
How can we gauge the actual changes in demand for commodities that effect prices?  We cannot.  Futures were designed to protect farmers?  This same mechanism that regulates the swings in futures prices was the one that was used to genocide the Irish by the English.  It reads like this, “There is not enough food here because of famine, but it is really being shipped elsewhere. (To England)  All commodity houses will be gone.
Commodity traders are not experts in commodities like they are said to be.
1.      Your wheat commodity trader couldn’t grow a sprout.
2.      Your oil commodity trader couldn’t tell you how to safely change the oil on your car or man a rough neck crew on a well.
3.      Your pork belly trader couldn’t make you a good gourmet dinner.

And yet these are supposed to be experts in their fields.  Baloney.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

As of 08 16 2012 those candidates who want us to believe that they care so much for the United States have wasted $500,000,000.00 on political advertisements.


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